Find Bill Online


How do I contact Bill?

That’s a very good question. Most people want to contact Bill for a lot of things. However, if you’re contacting him for anything official, please redirect your contacting to his assistant, Stephanie at To sing his praises, catch up because you went to high school together or whatever, you can find him online on Twitter and Facebook, the info for which is on our Contact page.

Can I interview Bill for ___________ and/or ____________?

Most of the time, we’re able to accommodate requests for Bill to do interviews and such. However, if you’re not set up for Skype or to do an interview via a good ol’ fashioned phone call, you may be waiting an awfully long time for a response.

As an added note, PLEASE for the love of the language gods, make sure you send us a response with proper punctuation, grammar and spelling. Seriously. There is nothing more unprofessional than sending an email request riddled with errors. All of these requests will be ignored until such a time as you can send us an email that shows you know how to proof read.

This may come off a bit snarky, but you’d be surprised how many requests we get that look like they were written up by a 4-year old.

We’ve also added in a list of Frequently Asked Interview Questions to the web site for interviewers to look over before talking with Bill. If you are interested in discussing Fables, Fairest or just generally with Bill, please make sure to read it thoroughly beforehand.

How do I send a book to get signed by Bill?

Well, a good rule of thumb is to never send a writer something that you want back. A better rule of thumb is never give Bill something if you ever want to see it again. With that being said, the only time to get something signed by Bill is by attending whatever convention he is at. For a list of such appearances, visit our Appearances page.

HOWEVER, if you contact one of the stores that Bill has done a signing at, like Toronto’s Silver Snail, they may have additional signed copies of Bill’s work that they would be willing to sell and ship to you. Hero Initiative also sometimes has signed items and even sketches for sale, so be sure to check there as well.

What does Bill think about Once Upon A Time

Every time Bill makes an appearance at a convention or at a signing, he’s asked several times what he thinks about ABC’s TV series Once Upon A Time. To clear the air on the issue once and for all, please read this interview conducted by CBR.

How can I get Bill to make an appearance at my convention/event/birthday party?

Ok, well that last bit just won’t happen, unless your birthday party is really, really awesome. But seriously, awesome or not, it really won’t happen, so don’t ask. As for conventions and other events, Bill is a busy guy and if you want him to appear at something that isn’t a birthday party, you can send an email to his assistant Stephanie Cooke at with all the details, including the dates (those are VERY important) and she will get back to you ASAP with a yes or no.

Who is Bill’s agent?

That would be the one and only Mr. Ken Levin. If you want Bill to write for you whether you are a publisher, putting together an anthology or any sort of thing like that, you can email Ken for these things at

How can I purchase some of Bill’s original art?

That’s a good question. Bill has some of his art kicking around and if you want to know a little bit more about it, you should contact Brad Thomte at

Can Bill join my writing group?


Can Bill read over my manuscript and help me find a publisher?


“I’ve got a great idea for a book/comic/movie, so if I give you the idea and Bill writes it up, can we split the money?”

No. And not no, we can’t split the money, no Bill won’t do it. Well, AND he won’t split the money. But mostly because he won’t do it.