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Interview requests for Bill are currently OPEN.

If you’d like to interview Bill, you absolutely must go through our page of Frequently Asked (Interview) Questions which includes a short snippit from a podcast outlining questions Bill will no longer answer.

We’ve had a recent influx of emails from people who have chosen to send messages to ALL of the emails listed below. That is NOT OK. Please address your email to the appropriate party ONLY and if you are unsure of who to send the email to, use the contact form provided for you BELOW.

Anyone using bulk emailing to try and get a hold of one of us or Bill will not likely have their email responded to.

If you’d like to send Bill some Fan Mail, he now accepts it in the form of real mail… none of this digital shenanigans. You can find out how your letter can get to Mr. Willingham by clicking here.

For official requests including interviews, convention appearances or for any other such things, please use the contact form below.

For any professional requests, such as having Bill write a comic or book or having him contribute to an anthology, please email Ken Levin at

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