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‘The Wolf Among Us’ Preview Reviews


Just in case any of you were worried about the upcoming Fables game from Telltale, The Wolf Among Us, we wanted to share with you some snippits from various press people who’ve had a chance to check out the game. We’re VERY happy with the buzz thus far but of course, the final test will be to see what all of you think. Regardless, check out what some fantastic web sites are saying about the game:

“After playing about an hour of the first episode of The Wolf Among Us, I walked away with the utmost confidence in Telltale’s next adventure. Any fears that this game would have to cower in the shadow of The Walking Dead were immediately put to rest, as it became clear that this story stands tall with its own unique voice and style.”
“The Wolf Among Us is keeping up with Telltale’s newfound reputation, and it could even bolster it.”
“In case you couldn’t tell, I am awfully excited to play this game and what I saw in person did not disappoint. …it looks like that at long last we’ll finally have the Fables adaptation that we always wanted to see on our screens.”

“Here I was, watching a story unfold about mythical creatures hiding out in New York City and it’s all so ridiculous and yet I didn’t even question it – not once. The emotional impact and intensity of the storytelling drew me in immediately and I was hooked. Telltale Games has risen to provide a level of character development and narrative other studios would do well to dissect.”

“I have to mention how gorgeous the visuals are too. The heavy comic-style just works here, and it all looks like moving concept art. As a big Fables fan, I was super pleased with what I saw of Telltales’ take on the series.”